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I’m Auli and my gift is being able to reconnect you with your core. This path of real transformation is a journey of self discovery,  a new sense of freedom and power to choose the life you want consciously, and to make it happen. 

I am highly intuitive and I work with you in Quantum Fields. Experiencing all that is at that level of consciousness gives us access to your whole history beyond time and space. I am your guide as we open layers of you to be witnessed, released and embraced. 

I began channeling light beings that call themselves the Council of Light in 2020. These meditations have since then grown into experiential teachings guided by higher wisdom and grace. My words are beautiful, my knowingness limitless when I channel these loving beings of unseen realms.

Connecting to the higher self


Your own healing power comes from your soul - from the higher frequencies of your being which still carries the memory of your innate healing abilities. 


Working on the lower levels (the surface of you) only keeps you in the same loop of old traumas and wounds, the same heaviness that you’re trying so hard to release and let go. By shifting your identity from the lower self with all the suffering to the highest self will move you to your Soul’s path, to your true purpose and fulfilment in your life. 


When you shift your focus from low to high you begin to expand beyond your old limitations. Your presence with your highest possible self brings new knowing,  understanding, talents and gifts but most importantly it brings the kind of peace within that you have never experienced before. You start to live an existence with less reactivity and judgement and more allowance and trust.


We are in a moment in time where we are rewiring not only our brains and thinking, but also our biology. Through Auli’s work, she helps you to reconnect with your own power; your intuition, creativity, inspiration, joy, playfulness and self love which then turns the wheel of your previous challenges to new possibilities.


When you open up and let go of the lower energies, you start to clear old embodied programming and make room for your sacred inner space. And in that vast creational space within you growth, healing and expansion toward new and higher insights and truths becomes more easy and effortless. Why? Because it’s more of who you truly are without the lies, stories and illusions that defined you in the past.


Your whole life changes because you learn to surrender to the truth of YOU.


Taking the bold step to living an authentic and soulful life moves you automatically toward a life that somewhere deep inside you’ve always known has been meant for you in the first place. You are finally home - in you.


Auli has been called to assist the world’s sacred places.  Her more expanded planetary and cosmic work began in 2017, when she got initiations from Native American spirits at the Grand Canyon. In 2018, during a mystical journey in Tibet with Jonette Crowley, Grandmother Jonette named Auli "The Guardian of the Portals of Light." Since then, Auli has had many spiritual initiations which increased her channeling and space holding abilities. In 2021 she finished a highly transformational Mentoring program and received her place among other masters in the White Medicine Wheel guarded by Jonette Crowley.

Grandmother Jonette Crowley

It is rare that I meet someone with the extraordinary wisdom, empathy and love that Auli radiates. She brings a level of Mastery to her work with others that is both elegant and profound. She is strongly positioned on her own path, which allows her to help others navigate their own unique journey. You are in the best hands with Auli as your guide.



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