You are the cure and the medicine


The end of your old path is just the beginning of the real you.

Does your current situation no longer feel true to you? Has your love life been feeling stagnant? Are you settling for draining relationships? Repeating the same cycles? Does your work feel uninspiring?  What could you do with all the energy you now automatically give away to others? 

Now is a perfect time to break free from outdated energy dynamics in your life! Your ability to connect is in you and these connections need to be recognized and updated with compassion.

We often fear change more than we fear being stuck in a place that no longer feels right. There is, however, an inner whisper that grows louder and louder over time, telling us that is is time for a change. We start to sense that there is more than this to our story, and we no longer resonate with the lies, dramas, illusions, and fear-based beliefs from the past. 

 Are you ready to rewrite your story and transform your life anew through healthier relationship patterns and realigning with your unique light?

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Breaking free from the old story releases drama and neediness, bringing calm which is the first sign of freedom. Clearing away whatever blocks your flow, your magic, your power, and your radiance brings forth childlike pure joy and newborn courage. 


 Auli has a rare gift of seeing deeply into those who come to her. She sees through stories and excuses immediately because energy never lies; it simply is what it is. No judgement, only the truth of now. In sessions, you open layer by layer and bring to surface the subconscious and traumas from this and previous lives. Auli’s deep presence and gentle guidance open a journey that will change your life.

Change starts when you are ready to face your own history and bu*lshit. You begin to release your old programming, to recognize old habits and routines that have kept you stuck. This only happens when you stop resisting where you are now. Finally, acceptance and surrendering opens you, empowering you to wake from a long sleep to establish a new level of peace.

In online and in-person sessions with Auli, your control based ego structure - which carries your stuck energy patterns and instinctual habits - begins to melt layer by layer, unfolding the real you.  It’s like returning home, and realignment with your soul eventually rewires your brain, nervous system, and biology – balancing and stabilizing body, mind, and emotions. Your immune system and health improve, and you live in more alignment with your natural flow of energy and conscious creation. You embrace authenticity and power. 

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 Stina H.

Aulin hoidoissa liikutaan alueella, jota en ole itsessäni ja todellisuudessani tavoittanut missään muussa terapiassa tai hoidossa. Parantuminen tai eheytyminen on itseni kohdalla pyytänyt ja pyytää liikkumista alueella, joka ylittää perinteisen psykologisen ja terapeuttisen karsinan - niitä kuitenkaan ohittamatta. Omalla polullani Aulin kanssa kulkemillani hoitomatkoilla on ollut käänteentekevä merkitys.


Kirsti Kuosmanen

Auli has guided me into a magnificent journey within, through layers of my mind and body, into connection with my soul. In her intuitive and wise guidance I found a new freedom and empowerment in a very peaceful way. She can hold space even for your darkest parts and find a way to integrate them. I truly recommend her as a guide and healer if you want to take a step deeper into your beautiful  being. 

Sensuality and empowerment coach,  gestalt therapist, tantra teacher

Anna H.

I don't even know how to start to explain what Auli does. From the first time I met her, it was like opening Pandora’s box. She helped me see all the subconscious blabber that I had been telling myself. Already after my first session I felt so liberated. I saw what lies I had been telling myself about me. It was so easy. She has the most amazing way of making you feel perfectly safe. The way she speaks, the way she knows exactly where to take you. What she does is magic!


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